Cider’s roots are deep. While new American cider traditions are measured in years or decades, Europeans have cider traditions that stretch back uninterrupted for centuries. It’s only in the last few years that American ciders have surfaced with a new sense of purpose and style all their own.

Borrowing from European cider traditions, Westwind Orchard is fully immersed in making some of the most distinctive ciders in the US. While our oldest trees are standard varieties like McIntosh and Stayman, we’ve been planting new orchards of hard cider varieties and grafting our heirloom dessert apple trees with bittersweet and bittersharp varieties. Our ‘old vine’ trees have only gotten better with age and allow us to make some pretty incredible ciders. But it is our traditional cider varieties that add the richness and, along with our wild cider apples, have us sailing into unexplored waters. 

After a few years of figuring out our cider direction, where we’ve landed is pretty impressive and something we’re very proud of here in Accord. Westwind Orchard ciders are produced in the traditional method using true cider apples from our orchard in the Hudson River Valley. All of our ciders are unfiltered and bottle conditioned (all those bubbles are au naturale), and made with no added sulfites (though natural sulfites are present) or sugar.

We have six styles of cider that reflect everything you need to know about us. 

Raspberry Cider is light, fruity and yet complex depth that includes subtle smokiness of raspberries with balanced sugars and tannins. It goes well with a range of cheeses, charcuterie, aperitivos, and traditional tapas dishes. ABV 7.4%

Russety Russet is a deep, rich cider founded on the North American classic cider apple – Golden Russet. A cider with bright acidity, deceptively soft tannins and a depth of flavors make this a great cider for savory meals, as well as an after-dinner accompaniment for cheeses and desserts. Decant when pouring, as it has been bottle-conditioned on the lees that provides the deep richness and brilliant color. ABV 7.4%

This cider is made out of wild and abandoned apples and red crab apples. This cider reveals a sublime flavor profile of profound apricots and citrus, the acidity comes forth with soft and round tannins. Golden color, complex in its terroir, reflective of the region. ABV 7.4%

Kingston Black is a magical, golden elixir made from the king of English cider apples. It has modest tannins, light acidity and very low residual sugar. As it opens up lingering tannins become more pronounced and rounder. This is a cider to be savoured, allow it to breathe for at least 10 minutes. ABV 7.4%

Dry with just a hint of bubbles. The citrusy notes of lemon and pineapple are an enticing accompaniment to the slightly bitter tannins.This is a clean, refreshing cider that goes well with lighter fare. It doesn’t linger on the palate, and is wonderful simply by itself on a hot summer day. The citrus acidity provides a great balance to the deceptive tannins making this our champagne of ciders. ABV 7.4%

This cider is dry and citrusy with soft tannins that do linger on the palate, giving your senses a great ride. The balance of acid, tannins, and what remains of the sugars make this cider pleasantly complex, but still very approachable. Works well with more complex dishes and a wider range of flavors and spices. ABV 7.4%

Our orchard and tasting room are open! Stop by for farm-to-table Italian specialties, our hard ciders or local wines and beer. You can also find our ciders at fine NYC restaurants and our online store.