See you in the berry brambles

This is the season we wait all year for- first the berries come out, then the temperature dips, the foliage turns and finally it is time for apples, pears and pumpkins. It's our favorite time of year when all the hard work of the season culminates in a sweet apple pie. Below is our "projected" schedule for picking, but of course it will all rely on mother nature's whims so check this page for updates before you set out. 


Pick Your Own Apples and Berries are available now through October 20th from 12-6pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

We will be open for Pick Your Own on Monday of Columbus Day weekend.  

Our fall bearing raspberries and blackberries will be ready to be picked by mid-August.

Our apples will be ready to be picked by mid-September until Mid-October.
September Apple Varieties:
Cortland, Crimson Gold, Crimson Topaz, Macs, Macouns, Spartans.
October Apple Varieties:
Idareds and Staymans.

Our Asian and European pears will be ready for picking by end of September.

Our small pumpkin patch will be opening the first week of October.


Can I eat apples straight from the trees?

Eating an apple straight off the tree is one of the joys of apple picking, but you should always wash your fruit or vegetables whether they are “organic” or not.

What if I pick an apple and it’s not a perfect apple?

Perfect apples are seldom found in a holistic orchard. The little blemishes and bug bites they accrue through their lifespan only shows they have been grown without chemicals or harsh chemical sprays.

When, exactly, are you open for berry picking and when, exactly, will you be open for apple picking?

Wouldn't we like to know! We can tell you that we are open for picking on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 when fruit is available, but we can only give you a rough sense since we are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Please check our website for availability before you set out for picking.

Can we climb up to pick the highest apple in the tree?

No. That's a sentient being, and if you fall you will be very sad and you might hurt the earthworms. Jokes apart, DO NOT climb the trees.

Can I bring my dog? 

We love dogs. Bosco, our English white lab, will be happy to greet you and your furry companions. Please make sure your dog is on a leash and friendly enough to be around other dogs and children since there are many of them around here, and please clean up after your dog.